Like most peasant communities in southern Taldor, the people of Heldren mostly keep to themselves. far from the politics of Oppara and ever-watchful for Qadiran aggression, Heldren goes on as it always has, as a relatively small and unimportant hamlet of farmers, herders, and woodcutters. But Heldren is home to a secret unsuspected by its normally complacent citizens: A mystical ley line connects their villiage with another far to the north. Could the recent appearance of unseasonable winter weather in the nearby Border Wood be a harbinger of worse things to come?

NG villiage
Qualities broad-minded, rumormongering citizens


Government council
Population 171 (152 humans, 6 dwarves, 5 halflings, 4 gnomes, 3 elves, 1 half-elf)
Notable NPC’s
  • Councilor Ionna Teppen
  • Elder Natharen Safander
  • Soothsayer Old Mother Theodora


    Base Value 500gp; Purchase Limit 2500gp; Spellcasting 3rd


    Broad-Minded The citizens of Heldren are open, friendly and tolerant and react positively toward visitors.

  • Heldren Rumors
  • Heldren

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